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New automatic doors in Noatum Container


New automatic doors in Noatum Container, in the Bilbao Terminal.

Central Breakwater of the expansion of the Port of Bilbao and the stabilization quarry of Punta Luce


Central breakwater of the expansion of the Port of Bilbao (1st phase) and stabilization of the western sector of the Punta Lucero qu

Execution of 14 single-family homes in the sector of Bela in Sopela


The fourteen semi-detached houses on the ground floor have a common basement for storerooms and garages.

Connection N-637 with N-633 and BI-737. Sense Rontegi-Mungia


Conditioning of the link of Derio with various actions including the adaptation of the N-633 thanks to a new lower passage that allows circulation through two lanes, which will reduce the current high density.?