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VDA. Sainz renews the illusion of the engineering students for their working future


Consecrating its line of training the future generations of engineers, and print their passion for engineering, on Thursday, March 17th, Vda. Sainz organized an educational workshop on the building of the second classroom building for the Urretxindorra School, with capacity for three school lines. Both students and teachers left "excited".

Construction and Education, a very solid binomial


Backbone of work for generations, Vda. Sainz takes a big leap in its career and narrows its ties with Education in the Basque Country. Its commitment is now embodied in the construction of the extension of the Urretxindorra School to meet the growing demand for scholars in Bilbao.

Investment in sports and prosperity of the territory


There are two strands that run transversely and feed off each other: on one hand, the promotion of sport with the financial support to sports organizations of Biscay, so they can have access to the highest competitive level and, secondly, the coordinated support between different institutions for the economic promotion of Biscay.

Vda. Sainz promotes the welfare of our elders


Aware of the value that has nowadays to promote attitudes of commitment and solidarity with the people at risk or fragility, and in particular with the elderly, the construction company has launched a partnership with the Miranda Foundation, dedicated to the care the most disadvantaged elderly of Barakaldo.

The CIFP Emilio Campuzano of Bilbao thanks Vda. Sainz its commitment with Education


"From the Center, we want to thank all the staff of Vda. Sainz for all the care during the visits to Residencial Itsasalde that the company is building in Santurtzi, and the explanations that were given as we could see from the excavation to the construction of housing with the efficient and innovative systems of construction".

The UPV / EHU visits the works that URA is carrying out between Basauri and Galdakao


Fifty students from the 3rd year of Degree of Civil Engineering that the Basque Country University teaches in the School of Mining Engineering and Public Works have visited the works of the 2nd phase of the channeling of the Ibaizabal River, which URA is carrying out in the Urbi-Bengoetxe stretch between Galdakao and Basauri.