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The housing at a formally valued price of Itsasalde Residential, an example for future construction


The new visit that the students of the Basque Country University will do to the housing complex, which is being risen in the heart of Santurtzi and opposite the port, demonstrates the interest that the work of VDA Sainz has with the students in the Degree in Civil Engineering.

Vda. de Sainz put its resources at the service of the victims of the 1983 floods


It is commemorated the anniversary of the floods in 1983 in Biscay, and VDA. Sainz recalls how they collaborated with the victims of one of the greatest tragedies that struck Bilbao and the surrounding towns.

Consolidation of our educational policy


The IES Emilio Campuzano of Bilbao will visit Itsasalde Residential to spot check its theoretical training. We, again, offer our experience and expertise at the service of new professionals; a commitment to future generations.

Projects for the students of the Basque Country University


The students of the Degree in Civil Engineering of the Basque Country University will have available on 2015/16 the works that Viuda de Sainz is carrying out in Biscay.

Viuda de Sainz sponsors the Gora Bilbao Indoor soccer Club


Viuda de Sainz and the Gora Bilbao Indoor soccer Club have signed a cooperation agreement with which the construction company will sponsor all the teams of this club next 2015/16 season.

Viuda de Sainz, recognized for its commitment to reducing workplace accidents


Muprespa has granted Viuda de Sainz with the Bonus 2012 for its efforts in improving the conditions in its workplace.